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Content management systems simply explained

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Content management systems like WordPress, Typo3 and Drupal

CMS (Content Management Systems) behave differently than page builders. A CMS is hosted on its own server, which already leads to some difficulties for most people. Questions arise like: 

  1. Which provider should I use? 
  2. What technical specifications do I need? 
  3. How much memory does a website need?
  4. Does my hoster support GZIP compression or not?

There are hundreds of questions to ask here alone. Of course, as a layman you can’t know what you actually need. So you usually just take the cheapest one. 

With websites, everything catches up with you at some point. 

If you have chosen one of the CMS available on the market and managed to install it yourself on the server, you have created the foundation and the actual construction of the website can begin.

Since you have done everything yourself, you are still responsible for everything. You have to know how to make backups and where to store them. Furthermore, you should ask yourself how to protect yourself against hacker attacks, which are mostly fully automated and come from all over the world. We will be happy to do all the work for you, please take a look here.

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