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Professional website – When is it worth it?

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Choosing a professional website is worthwhile if you plan to build reach on the Internet. Another point is the greater flexibility and support. Also, the quality of the website is crucial, it must be created and maintained by qualified people if you want the website to support your business and not just vegetate and slowly decay.

Temporary websites

Should you need a temporary website, which you need for a limited time, for example, a website for a wedding, or a birthday, then a Jimdo website will do just fine. Why? It’s simple, Jimdo websites are self-made, Google sees that too.

Professional website for more reach

You’ll have a hard time finding a Jimdo website on the top ranks of Google. Of course, it could be that there is no competition and you are the “one-eyed man among the blind”. If you want to take the risk of spending dozens of hours tweaking a website that has only a minimal chance of success, instead of focusing on your core business, you should probably opt for Jimdo and Co.

For all others who take their business seriously, we can only recommend having a professional website created with proper maintenance and support.

Feel free to take a look at our offer to get an idea of what goes into and into a website.

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